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School authorities

Our school is a charitable institution, registered with a government organization, the so-called Charity Commission. The management of the school is the responsibility of the Management Board consisting of voluntary (unpaid) trustees. The Management Board is accountable to all parents with children at the school at the General Meeting of Parents, which takes place once a year.
The management board employs a director who is responsible for teaching matters. The director exercises direct control over the teaching staff. The organization of school events and events is handled by charitable members of the Parents' Association.


Anna Sobania

Chairman of the Board

The President coordinates the work of the Management Board, represents the School externally and, together with the Management Board, is responsible for the overall functioning of the school.


Sylwia Spek


The school principal is responsible for the teaching staff, for establishing and implementing the curriculum, for school events, and for the care of students.

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