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School Decorations

Over the many years of operation of the school, we have had the honor of receiving a number of awards and distinctions from the highest personalities in Poland and Great Britain. Below we present some of them.


The Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service

In October 2016, the Polish Saturday School of Native Subjects named after Tadeusz Kościuszko was nominated by a member of the British Parliament, Mr. Steven Pound, for the royal award "The Queen's Award for Voluntary Service" (QAVS). The following organizations and individuals also sent letters supporting the nomination:

  • University of Silesia (Małgorzata Czubaszek, who did an internship at the school for a year)

  • Polish Scouting Association (ZHP) in Great Britain

  • Polish School Matrix (PMS)

  • Polish University Abroad (PUNO)

  • Andrzej Łowczynowski – Director of the Polish YMCA and graduate of the school

  • Aleksandry Formaniak – School graduate

On April 28, 2017 We received information from the Organizing Committee that our School had been awarded this unique and prestigious award. On June 2, 2017 the full list of winners was officially announced.

The QAVS Award is the highest distinction that can be awarded to a socially active organization in Great Britain. It is the equivalent of the MBE - Member of the Order of the British Empire, awarded to individuals. It was established by Queen Elizabeth II in 2002, and the first winners were announced on June 2, 2003, on the 50th anniversary of the Queen's coronation. Since then, the prize has been awarded every year.

What criteria must an organization competing for the Award meet?

Here are some of them, provided by the Organizing Committee:

• The organization must, through its activities, bring special benefits to the community in its area of operation.
• At least half of the people working in the organization must be volunteers (work without remuneration).
• The organization must have conducted its activities to a standard qualifying for the award for at least three years.


What standards must the organization meet?

• The award is given to organizations whose activities bring significant benefits to others and at the same time constitute a national example of excellence in social work.
• We look for evidence of the relevance of what the organization does to its community, its impact on the environment, the respect it commands from others, and its approach to overcoming obstacles and setbacks.
• We are looking for confirmation that the activities of volunteers are at an exceptional level, as well as that volunteers have a leading role in the organization.


There are many organizations that meet these criteria.

How are the best ones selected?

We realize that among many worthy candidates it is very difficult to choose organizations that deserve recognition more than others. However, due to the high social standing of our ranking, evaluation must be rigorous to maintain the value and public respect of the Award.

To receive this distinction, we had to meet a number of difficult requirements. At the same time, we were selected from hundreds of organizations that also deserve the Queen's recognition for their social activities on behalf of other people.


It must be emphasized that this honor is the result of the enormous effort of many generations of volunteers and community activists. The foundations were laid by post-war emigration, and construction continues to this day by subsequent generations of Poles, including the most contemporary ones who wanted the children of our community to be raised in the spirit of Polishness. 


The charitable work of 23 presidents, countless volunteers from the School Management Board and the Parents' Association, as well as 15 directors and hundreds of teachers and administration staff contributed to the School's success. We are glad that this multi-generational work was noticed and appreciated by the late. Queen Elizabeth II.


Dear Parents and Guardians, the school's motto is: "Let's remember, cherish and pass on." Remember that your children attend the oldest and best Sabbath School in the UK. However, for it to continue its mission, we must pass it on to the next generations.


Without you, the school could not exist.

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