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New students enrollment

The school accepts enrollments on dates agreed by the School Trustees.

The school also accepts enrollment of children during the year, provided there are places in the appropriate classes. Final admissions to the school at all levels close in May.

Our school expects that students enrolled in the kindergarten class at the age of 4 will attend our school for the next 11 years, graduating in the 4th grade of junior high school with the GCSE Polish state exam. We expect that most students will stay at school for the GCE A level course.


We also expect that parents of children attending our school will be fully involved in school life, not only supporting their children's learning but also taking an active part in school events, helping with duties and our charity campaigns.

When submitting an application to adopt a child, the following documents will also be required:

1) Child's birth certificate

2) Document (original) confirming the address of residence. It may be:

  • Bank statement,

  • gas or telephone bill,

  • premises rental agreement,

  • another document clearly confirming the child's address of residence provided on the form.



Due to the limited number of places, children will be admitted according to the following criteria:

  1. Priority is given to children whose at least one parent is a graduate of our school or another Polish school abroad.

  2. Secondly, children whose siblings have already attended our school for at least one academic year and will continue to attend our school in the year when the new student starts school will be accepted. [i.e. a student in class A2 or a student in class 4 of lower secondary school who does not return to the AS course does not count as a sibling].

  3. Children who do not meet the above conditions will be admitted next:

    1. If the number of candidates meeting a given criterion exceeds the number of places available, admission will be determined by the distance of residence from the school (measured by a straight line from the school).

    2. In special cases, the trustees may make a joint decision to admit the child to the school.
      These may be children of teachers or employees who work at our school, as well as children of people who can actively contribute to the efficient running and operation of the school.
      The maximum number of children admitted by decision of the trustees is three during the school year.


  4. Children are admitted to Polish-English classes on the basis of the parents' application to the recruitment committee and the opinion of the teacher who conducts the trial lesson. Admission of a child to the Polish-English class does not guarantee that the child will be transferred to the class corresponding to his or her age.


Class 0


Admission to kindergarten classes will not be determined by the order in which applications are submitted, as long as the application is submitted within the specified deadline.

Grades 1 primary to 3rd junior high school.

In enrollment for primary grades 1-6 and junior high school grades I-III, priority will be given to children who have been on the waiting list since the previous year (2021/22). Parents of children on the waiting list will be asked to confirm by letter or email by the deadline that they wish to remain on the waiting list. There will be a maximum of 15 people on the waiting list in each age group.

Safeguarding Lead

 Sylwia Spek

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